Q&A with Dr. Geo - Paleomeal

This next portion of my recent conversation with Dr. Geo focuses on Paleomeal.


David: As our XYW Members know, we encourage an integrative path to rebuilding post-diagnosis health. This includes exercise. As most performance athletes will attest to, one of the keys to improving one’s fitness level is allowing your body to properly recover after every workout. In my experience, Paleomeal is arguably the best “sports recovery” drink on the market.

Dr. Geo: I agree. Unlike so many products out there claiming to be a “meal replacement” or “sports recovery” solution, Paleomeal is science-based and very well thought out.

David: Yes, it certainly isn’t your average whey powder. What makes Paleomeal such a better alternative?

Dr. Geo: First of all, it is designed using the principles of Paleolithic nutrition, making it a grain-free meal supplement that’s smooth, delicious, and packed with protein and nutrients. It contains inulin, which furnishes lipid-balancing, gut-nourishing insoluble fiber that is essential for blood sugar control. It also pairs a comprehensive array of B-vitamins with stabilized, magnesium-enhanced creatine to offer energy support and promote muscular performance. It is easily digestible, an important consideration. And lastly, it is a rich source of immunoglobulins and lactoferrin derived from hormone-free cows grazed on pesticide- and chemical-free grass pastures. Simply put, Paleomeal is in my opinion the highest quality protein supplement you'll find anywhere.

David: Even more simply put, Paleomeal is an easy, ready source of high-quality protein with many additional nutritional benefits.

Dr. Geo: Yes, as a supplement to a smart diet and exercise regimen, Paleomeal is a great addition to any man’s routine. I know this first-hand.

For more information on Paleomeal, please see the Paleomeal product page.


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