Q&A with Dr. Geo - OmegAvail Ultra

This next portion of my recent conversation with Dr. Geo focused on fish oil, or more specifically why OmegAvail Ultra is the superior option.

David: Let's discuss the research and related benefits of fish oil.

Dr. Geo: An extensive and growing body of research suggests that high quality fish oil supports cardiovascular and brain health. In addition, of particular importance to my patients, research suggests additional support to those needing malignancy protection.*

David: Let's discuss quality and why it is critical. You cannot walk through a Trader Joe’s, Costco, or Whole Foods without seeing low-cost fish oil offerings. What makes our OmegAvail Ultra a better alternative for our Members and justifies the higher price?

Dr. Geo: It has to do with purity and enhancements. Let start with purity. Unfortunately, our oceans are compromised by pollutants. Fish absorb pollutants and store them in fatty tissue. Fish oil is derived from this fatty tissue. To counteract this problem, the fish oil in OmegAvail Ultra is molecularly distilled to remove all heavy metals, environmental pollutants and oxidative impurities. 

In terms of enhancements, OmegAvail Ultra features added vitamins and enzymes to maximize its benefits to your body. This includes vitamin D, vitamin K, and lipase for enhanced fatty acid absorption and digestive support. OmegAvail Ultra also includes 1000 IU of vitamin D3 to maximize fish oil’s benefits to bone health, serving to both enhance calcium absorption and maintain bone density. Similarly, vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 enhance fish oil’s cardio-protective benefits, while helping to keep arteries clear and flexible.* 

The result is a omega-3 formula of the highest quality, purity, and enhancements. It costs considerably more to produce, but it delivers far greater value to my patients.

David: I think that it is worth mentioning that like Advance Prostate Support, OmegAvail Ultra is a component in each of our standard Regimens. That says a lot.

Dr. Geo: Good point, and yes, it certainly does.

For more information on OmegAvail Ultra, please see the OmegAvail Ultra product page.

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