Q&A with Dr. Geo - BroccoProtect

As you may know, Dr. Geo and I founded XY Wellness as our platform to pursue our mission of helping men rebuild, reclaim and renew their lives following a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Based on the feedback that we are receiving, we pleased that we are helping so many men do just that.

As you also should know by now, we believe that your best strategy against prostate cancer is a multi-pronged attack that includes smart lifestyle choices that improve your odds of achieving a better prognosis and quality of life. Our integrative path to your well-being is comprised of education, diet, exercise, thoughtful supplementation, and expert support.

As a contribution to the educational and supplementation components, I sat down with Dr. Geo to discuss some of the members of the XY Wellness product family with the goal of providing you with more information and options. The following excerpt of our conversation focuses on BroccoProtect.


David: Geo, let’s discuss BroccoProtect. What is its key ingredient and its main benefits?


Dr. Geo: Its key ingredient is a compound known as SGS, which is derived from broccoli and broccoli seeds. One capsule of BroccoProtect provides the same amount of SGS that is in 500 grams of fresh broccoli or 100 grams of broccoli seeds.

 The two main benefits of BroccoProtect are antioxidant support and detoxification.* Antioxidants combat free radicals in order to prevent the oxidative stress that can lead to broad cellular damage and malignant health problems. Complementing this is the detoxification aspect that delivers enzymes and nutrients that break down toxins before they have a chance to cause any cellular damage.


David: So why not just eat broccoli? Why the need to supplement your diet with BroccoProtect?


Dr. Geo: Well over a pound per day of broccoli is a tough sell! Even for those who like broccoli, and I have heard rumors of such people, it is very difficult to contemplate putting your digestive system through the related agony each and every day.

 Do not misunderstand me: I encourage the daily consumption of cruciferous vegetables. On top that, I encourage thoughtful supplementation. You can gain the powerful, protective effects of SGS by adding 1 or more capsules of BroccoProtect to your daily supplementation regimen. 

 Although we include a capsule of BroccoProtect in each packet of Advanced Prostate Support, for many of my clinical patients, they need the additional benefits of another 1 or 2 capsules per day, which is why we also offer BroccoProtect a la carte.


David: Yes, life is not an endurance test and food is more than medicine. In our XY Wellness Diet series, we will provide some great recipes for broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. That said, life and cuisine are to be enjoyed, and this includes finding the most pragmatic ways to get your post-diagnosis body what it needs to thrive.


Dr. Geo: Absolutely!

For more information on BroccoProtect, antioxidants, or detoxification, please see the following:

As always, it comes down to making savvy choices and to committing yourself to doing what is necessary. You can do this! Let us know how we can help. 



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