Prostate Cancer Awareness; Please Share Your Story

November is a month in which awareness of the importance of prostate cancer is promoted. As always, we encourage you to be smart and monitor your health and well-being. And we applaud the efforts of Movember, the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and others to encourage early diagnosis and smart, timely treatment.

We also want to thank Stephen Colbert for encouraging Colbert Nation to do the same in a remarkably effective, good-natured manner (yes, definitely click here).

As we head into the holidays, I am feeling particularly thankful to be enjoying them with my family once again this year. I am approaching the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis with prostate cancer. So far, all good. 

Thanksgiving is a particularly appropriate time to give back. If you are a Member of our community or if you are also working to rebuild and reclaim your post-diagnosis health and quality of life, you have something of great value that is also easy for you to share with others who will benefit from it.

If you are comfortable in doing so, please share your personal prostate cancer related story, insights, and encouragement with us. When I asked our Members at this time last year to do the same, the response was incredible (here is just one example).

Just a few paragraphs describing how are you faring, what seems to be working best for you, what you have learned along the way, and what you would advise the newly diagnosed as they begin their journey. You can send them directly to me in confidence, and if used in a future blog post, it will only be done anonymously. 

Thank you for considering this request. By the way, you will find that giving back in this way will also be of great benefit to you, the writer, as you reflect on your experiences and capture your thoughts on it.

In closing, just a quick grin for you. While grocery shopping last week, I came across an end-of-aisle holiday display promoting Organic Vodka. I could not tell if it was also free range, grass fed, or came from happy potatoes, but it is good to know that when choosing an 80 Proof beverage, we now have a pesticide free option available! I do not know why I find so much humor in this one...

Have a great weekend, and as always, thank you for being part of our committed community of men seeking to reclaim, rebuild, and renew our health.

All the Best,