Prostate Cancer and Blood Type

If you are a patient of mine, you may have noticed I ask about your blood type on the intake form. Why do I do that? 
In the late 1990's I had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Peter D'Adamo, the author and inventor of the Blood Type Diet. Initially, I thought the whole idea was bogus, particularly because at the time I was a staunched vegan and the book suggests people with blood type O benefit from meat consumption. 
While the Blood Type Diet is imperfect (as all diets are) I did saw a number of people getting better from being on this eating regimen.
Later on, as I became focused on prostate disorders I read research that some conditions are more associated with people of certain blood types than others.
For example, I just read this paper associating prostate cancer mortality to men with blood type A, B and AB but not with the O type. 
Additionally, the recurrence rate is about 40% higher in all blood types except O (O's have a lower risk of recurrence than any other blood type.
Blood Type 101: There are four blood types: O, A, B and AB. Blood type O is most common and type AB is least common. To learn more about blood type hit this wiki page. 
1. The cited research above does not mean a person with O blood type can't get prostate cancer. It means they are less likely to die from it.
2. The cited research supports association between prostate cancer and blood type, not causation. 
3. Regardless of blood type, a man should be vigilant and practice behaviors and lifestyle that reduces your risk of prostate cancer.
4. Blood type A, B and AB should be extra careful, screen more and eat an anti-cancer diet discussed in Thrive, Don't Only Survive.
Lastly, two dietary nutritional supplement that complement good eating and exercise is ImmunoPCTN and GDtoxSel. You likely know the story behind these nutritional supplements I developed.
Ok, I'll tell you anyway! After years of research and reading hundreds of scientific papers on optimal nutrition for prostate cancer, ImmunoPCTN and GDtoxSel are the results. 
Many of my patients are reporting a lowering in PSA, often for the first time in a long time, plus no colds and flu during the winter season. That makes sense since, among many things, the two formulas strengthens the immune system.
That's it for today. I am coming back soon with more goodies. 
Until then...
Make it a great day,
Dr. Geo