Overview of the XY Wellness Regimen Tiers

Today we discuss the foundational pieces and building blocks that comprise the XY Wellness Regimen Tiers so that you have a far better understanding and appreciation for how we can help you achieve the results you seek. 

This overview is intended to be a complement to and not a substitute for your relationship with a qualified healthcare practitioner who has expertise in both your condition and the effective use of condition-specific supplements. As such, if you have any questions about how best to take full advantage of what we have to offer, please either contact your qualified healthcare practitioner or Dr. Geo at NYU Langone

Now, on to the overview.

The three XY Wellness tiers of regimens are each designed by Dr. Geo based on his clinical experience of working with men diagnosed with prostate cancer. These regimen tiers are the foundation of his condition-specific treatment plans. Atop the appropriate foundation, he then adds other supplements to treat the range of concerns or issues specific to that patient.

Let's take a close look at each regimen tier:

  • Tier 1 Regimen consists of Advanced Prostate Support and OmegAvail Ultra. At minimum, this combination is prescribed by Dr. Geo to every prostate cancer patient that he sees in his clinic. For lower grade conditions or active surveillance patients, this is the foundation atop which additional items may be added to address inflammation, to further support immune system function, and to encourage systemic detoxification.
  • Tier 2 Regimenconsists of Tier 1 Regimen plus Modified Citrus Pectin. The addition of Modified Citrus Pectin suggests a more active condition. Atop this foundation, additional items may be prescribed to address inflammation, to further support immune system function, or to encourage systemic detoxification.
  • Tier 3 Regimenconsists of Tier 2 Regimen plus Advanced ADT Support. This addition of Advanced Prostate Support is not only beneficial for men undergoing androgen deprivation therapy, but also for any patient who would benefit from additional support to improve cognitive function, bone density, and muscle tone. Atop this foundation, additional items may be prescribed to address inflammation, to further support immune system function, and to encourage systemic detoxification.

Once again, our Regimen Tiers are condition-specific and doctor-formulated based on clinical experience. As always, for any regimen plan to be effective as it potentially can be, it needs to be appropriate for your specific condition, and consistently complied with by you in combination with the overall XY Wellness Approach

Our Members share a critical characteristic: a willingness and ability to do what is necessary each and every day to reclaim, rebuild, and renew their health and quality of life. Although we provide expertise, tools, and encouragement, our Members provide the necessary commitment and motivation that drives the healing process forward. This takes work, and it is worth the effort. Just ask our Members.

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