Over-Treatment of Prostate Cancer Boosting Impotence Rates

According to a study that was published the in the New England Journal of Medicine, the over-treatment of prostate cancer is leading to a disturbing increase in post-treatment impotence. 

This study found that 15 years after invasive cancer treatment, only 10% of men still possess the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Although the age of the men in the study explains a portion of this finding, the issue of sexual side-effects remains a significant area of concern.

A concise overview of this study is offered by Bloomberg News: Sex Impossible for Most Men After Prostate Therapy.

As we discussed in our post on how to go about making thoughtful, best fit choices for treating prostate cancer, it is critical that the newly diagnosed weigh probability of survival against quality of life considerations. 

This is a personal choice, and although we clearly recommend that survival take precedence in the decision, a good portion of the cost in quality of life is avoidable if you ask the right questions and make your best informed decision.

We also believe that immediately post-treatment is the time to start the process of reclaiming and rebuilding your health and quality of life. This not only includes following the smart choices lifestyle roadmap offered in the XY Wellness Approach, but also to preemptively work on maintaining your sexual health. For this reason we developed, offer, and recommend XYVGGR. 

Our ongoing commitment to you is to do what we can to improve both your prognosis and quality of life. Sexual health is a significant quality of life factor. If you are experiencing a decline in your sexual health, reach out for help. There are plenty of legitimate, effective resources available to you. 

And as always, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Geo. We are here to help.


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