My Beeper Just Went Off

Yes, last evening my beeper went off. It was the late 1980s requesting our current fax number. Instead, I decided that it is time for XY Wellness to join the kids up on Twitter. 

Kidding aside, although nearly all of you have been introduced to us by your health care practitioner or by other XYW Members, there are hundreds of thousands of men living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer that are not even aware of the work that we do. Perhaps Twitter is a reasonable way to be more visible to those who will benefit from getting to know us.

Our Twitter account is @XYWellness. It just went up last evening, so we are woefully light on Followers. Not surprising, but I suspect that this is something that we had better remedy or face virtual embarrassment in the virtual world.

Please help us out! If you are participating in the world of Twitter, please elect to Follow @XYWellness. It will be another great way to stay apprised of our newest educational content and of our latest practical, actionable recommendations. Also, if you like what we are doing for you, please spread the word by recommending us to your Followers on Twitter.

Hopefully I have the lingo here right, but I am still not certain what the # is for. And hopefully Twitter will prove itself to be a useful tool for building visibility among those we can help.

Thank you, as always, for choosing XY Wellness. It is our pleasure to work with you.