Introducing the XY Wellness Diet!

Spurred on by the incredible amount of positive feedback that we received on our recent Your Best Strategy Against Prostate Cancer series, we are pleased to announce our new series on how a thoughtful diet will boost your ability to combat prostate or other cancers. 

The XY Wellness Diet series will examine how to transform your diet into a powerful weapon against cancer, and in the process introduce you to the joy of preparing and eating real food.

Dr. Geo and I are committed to providing you with the best in dietary supplements. Let's also work together to ensure that your diet better serves as a foundation for us to build supplement. I want to be clear that we are not proposing a deprivation diet; instead the XY Wellness Diet is just the opposite.

What follows below is, yes, a pep talk. The next installment will frame the philosophy and identify the individual components of the XY Wellness Diet. Subsequent installments will dive into each component. 

Let's get started...

A diagnosis of cancer is disorienting. Suddenly our life and future feel less within our control than the moment before we heard those words. Although we already knew that much of life is beyond our control, this was a blunt, unwelcome reminder.

That said, we at least have control over what we put into our body. When it comes to our diet, there are foods that will boost our ability to fight disease, just as there are foods that will actively fuel the disease. 

The reality is that our dietary choices are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Taking full control of our own nutrition is one way that we can make an immediate difference. We are the "captain of our own ship" in this fight against cancer, but we are going to have to work at it. 

As always, it is not a question of “if” we can do it, but of how quickly and effectively we can make some new, savvy habits a way of life. In this series, we are going to examine what needs to be done, and are going to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. The rest is up to us. 

And yes, we will enjoy the journey. Why not? We are talking about discovering a new way of eating in which you will enjoy real food and fine cuisine like never before. 

As always, it comes down to making smart choices and to committing yourself to doing what is necessary. You can do this! Let us know how we can help.