Impotence - It is Time to Tackle it Head On

I just returned from a business trip to Australia, in part to explore opening up this market for our family of men's health supplements that is helping so many like you in the US. First off, the Land Down Under is a lovely country offering a wonderful lifestyle. That said, from a men's health perspective, the Aussies are dealing with the same type of urological challenges as us Americans. 

To this point, I came across an interesting article by Bettina Arndt published in The Australian regarding erectile dysfunction ("ED") in Australia. Highlights:

  • ED affects one of every two men in their 50s, and the figures climb from there to 60% in their 60s, 70% in their 70s, and so on.
  • ED is not just a personal problem affecting a man's intimate life, but instead is a critical health issue that men must be taught not to ignore.
  • ED is the equivalent of a lump on a women's breast, a "shot across the bow" suggesting a serious health problem.
  • Research has shown the strong correlation between ED and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke, and death.

In other words, ED is a major health problem for men and is not something to be ignored (or dismissed with a "bawdy quip," to quote Ms. Arndt). Beyond age-related ED, men who have been treated for prostate cancer via surgery, radiation or other invasive procedures run additional risk of ED due to damage to the "nerve bundles" surrounding the prostate.

If you are having any issues with your ability to achieve and maintain an erection, make an appointment with your health care practitioner to rule out these health risks. In addition, do not allow this aspect of your life to slip away. We encourage you to actively research alternatives and find something that works well for you.

To this end, we have made a significant investment in the formulation and field testing of our new men's sexual health supplement. We will share more details with you in the coming weeks. Until then, stay tuned.