Control What You Can, and Do So Right Now

The Challenge


Horse meat is being sold as beef. 

The secrets of the junk food industrial complex have been exposed

The connection between even moderate alcohol consumption and cancer is being brought to light. 

As is the considerable damage we do to ourselves due to inadequate sleep

In this context, it is not surprisingly that obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer are rampant in our society, particularly among our older population. 

What are we to do when so many aspects of modern living seem to be working against our goal of rebuilding and then maintaining our good health? What are we to do when the odds seem to be stacked against us like this?


The Solution

To start, let's simply say “So what? My future is too important to get distracted by a few hurdles.” 

Allow me to explain.

The aging process has already taught us the necessity of developing a great sense of humor about our bodies, particularly on those days when you feel like a 16-year-old boy trapped in a 65-year-old man’s body. Laughter helps.

In addition, men combating prostate cancer have learned to develop a keen awareness that although you cannot control many aspects of your life, you can certainly control what you do on a daily basis to improve your odds and quality of life. These men know that we earn our health each and every day through the choices that we make. 

XY Wellness offers you a guided path to pursuing your health and quality of life goals, but you must be willing and able to seize the opportunity. As is true in much of life, it is your daily commitment to making smart choices that will determine your degree of success. And a sense of humor and daily discipline are vital to your success.

We offer clear, actionable recommendations on diet, exercise, condition-specific supplementation, sleep improvement, and stress reduction. These are all equally important elements, and they all work together to boost your odds of success. Want proof? Take a peek at some of our Members own success stories

So, yes, there are plenty of hurdles on the path to reclaiming, rebuilding and renewing your good health. The good news is that these hurdles can be cleared if you are determined to do so.

The Takeaway

Stay the course. Do what needs to be done. Control what you put into your body, and what actions you take each day to support healthy cell growth and to combat aging and disease. No excuses. Simply stay compliant with your prescribed regimen.

Despite an environment, culture, and perhaps a set of old habits that are at odds with the smart lifestyle choices we recommend, you can do this and you can do this well. And know that there is nothing that we recommend that I personally do not do myself. I walk the walk.

So educate yourself, tap us for support as needed, and then get busy doing what you need to do right now. Daily compliance is critical because aging and disease simply do not ever take a day off.

Never forget that Dr. Geo and I are here to help you; that we are in this together with you. Let’s get this done. 

All the Best,



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