Beware, Be Careful, and Be Smart

In both the pharmaceutical industry and the dietary supplement industry, there are plenty of good reasons that we encourage you to beware, be careful, and be smart. It continues to stun us that companies that should be focused on improving the condition of vulnerable people with health problems are instead focused on improving their own financial condition.

And we are, frankly, fed up with it.

From certain pharmaceutical companies marketing diseases and paying doctors to prescribe their drugs, to certain dietary supplement companies making specious claims and offering questionable products, there is plenty of room for improvement. 

And it starts with you. We can and must demand better, so please beware, be careful, and be smart.

Educate yourself about the health condition that you are struggling with. 

When you meet with your healthcare provider, come prepared with good questions, and demand clear, thoughtful answers in return. 

Invest the time to research whatever you have been prescribed to ensure that you understand its potential to improve your condition, and clearly understand its potential to introduce new and unwanted issues into your life. 

Investigate the company behind the products that have been prescribed to verify that they are legitimate, credible, and worthy of your trust.

Make decisions that make sense to you.

Sound like a lot of work? Yes, of course, but what is the alternative? Blind trust is not a strategy for success.

Much in your life and health is beyond your control, but one thing that is fully within your control is what you choose to put into your body. Not just what you choose to eat and drink, but also what you choose to ingest to treat a diagnosed condition and/or to improve your ability to avoid illness altogether.

There are plenty of good options for you, but you must invest the time and effort to "navigate the minefield" in order to identify the providers and products that you are willing to trust with your health and future. 

At XY Wellness, we have created a safe harbor community for men seeking to rebuild, reclaim and renew their post-diagnosis lives. We take our work seriously, and we continue to invest daily in further building and rewarding the trust that exists within XYW Member community.

We do not promise easy or mystical fixes for complex, lifelong conditions. Instead, we offer to the willing and able an actionable, integrative path forward to improved prognosis and quality of life. No shortcuts, no nonsense. Just clear, thoughtful, credible, and practical advice and guidance.

As always, be smart, be informed, and be choosy. This is your life and your health. You deserve the best, so do not settle for anything less. This is why we created our integrative approach and are building this committed community. We are here to help you. 

Thank you for choosing XY Wellness.