Beat the Heat — Protect Your Supplements

It is the 4th of July Weekend, and we are heading into the sweet spot of summer. Hot spot is more accurate.

Heat is not a friend of natural products like our family of supplements, and extended, extreme heat exposure may cause a reduction in efficacy or even rancidity.

Protect your supplements in the summer by keeping them at a reasonable "room" temperature," which means a temperature ranging anywhere from 67 to 75 degrees. 

If at times during these hot summer months your home's ambient temperature is well above this range, please take these 2 easy steps to protect your supplements from heat-related damage:

1. Always store your supplements in a cool, dry place. Don't have one? Then use the refrigerator.

2. For any particularly heat-sensitive items (e.g., softgel capsules), simply refrigerate after opening.

That is it. That is all you need to do. 

As always, thank you for choosing XY Wellness. Have a great summer, and stay cool.