Announcing XY VGR for Sexual Health!

Rebuild. Reclaim. Renew. Our mission is to improve your prognosis and quality of life. We want you to live a fully-engaged life, one that embraces all the wonder and pleasure that being a man has to offer. This includes enjoying a great sex life.

Did you know that erectile dysfunction ("ED") affects one of every two of us in our 50s? And the figures climb from there to 60% in our 60s, 70% in our 70s, and so on. Age-related ED is a normal aspect of aging, but for men who have undergone an invasive treatment for prostate cancer, the challenge is often greater due to nerve-bundle damage.

If you are not completely satisfied with your current ability to achieve and maintain an erection, do not assume that pharmaceuticals are your only or best option. Pharmaceuticals not only fail to address the underlying causes of ED, they involve the risk of "side-effects." 

There is a better alternative. There is now a natural, long-term, side-effect-free approach to boosting your sexual performance, to "turning back the clock," and to re-energizing your sex life.* Today, after more than a year invested in its design, testing, and refinement, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of XY VGR (which is pronounced “XY vigor” or “male vigor”)!

Dr. Geo designed XY VGR to safely, naturally, and effectively reinvigorate male sexual health, and to boost your sexual arousal, performance, and satisfaction.* This is accomplished through a synergistic blend of scientifically supported botanicals that deliver a balanced, long-­term approach to sexual health and performance by:

  • Supporting penile smooth muscle relaxation and engorgement*
  • Optimizing erectile and endothelial function*
  • Ensuring peak stamina and a firm, long-­lasting erection*
  • Modulating libido-­busting stress hormones*
  • Delivering potent antioxidant support to repair and rebuild*

The key underlying concepts for XY VGR are "long-term" and "natural." We are not paving over the underlying causes of ED, but are directly addressing them. We are working to repair and rebuild.*

Unlike a pharmaceutical alternative, XY VGR is not event-driven. The benefits of XY VGR build over time, so do not expect immediate results. Instead, if you follow the daily dosage recommendations, you should expect to start noticing the benefits sometime during the second week.*

The daily dosage recommendations for XY VGR are:

  • For the initial 15-day “loading” period, take 2 capsules twice per day. 
  • Thereafter, 2 capsules per day, and an additional one when desired.

A monthly supply of XY VGR is $59, which is discounted to $53.10 for XYW Members. In other words, less than $2 per day. For your first order we recommend 2 bottles, the first for your initial 15-day "loading" period, and the second for the following month.

In closing, our field tests included a wide assortment of men. We received uniformly positive feedback, including increased libido, stamina, and intensity of orgasm.* Why not discover what these men already know? Why not take action right now to improve or even reclaim your sex life? You deserve it. And so does your partner.


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