Announcing New Regimen Tiers

We are pleased to announce our newly refined Regimen Tiers.  

This overview is a complement to, and not a substitute for, your relationship with your qualified healthcare practitioner. If you have any questions about how best to take full advantage of what we have to offer, please contact Dr. Geo or your qualified healthcare practitioner. 

Dr. Geo designed these Regimen Tiers based on his clinical experience of working with men diagnosed with serious prostate problems. These regimen tiers are the foundation of his condition-specific treatment plans, and are coupled with the lifestyle recommendations that comprise the XY Wellness Approach.*

Here is our new Regimen Tier structure:

Tier 1 Regimen consists of Advanced Prostate Support and OmegAvail Ultra

Tier 2 Regimen consists of Advanced Prostate Support, OmegAvail Ultra, and our new ImmunoPCTN (which will be available on July 1st).

Tier 3 Regimen consists of ImmunoPCTN, Inflammatone, AHCC, and OmegAvail Ultra.  

Atop each of these Regimen Tiers, your health care practitioner may recommend items to address inflammation, to further support immune system function, or to encourage systemic detoxification.* This is why, once again, it is always so critical for you to be under the care of a qualified medical expert.

For any recommended regimen to be as effective as it can be, it requires daily compliance and the type of smart choices outlined in the XY Wellness Approach. Our Members are successful because they are willing to do what is necessary each and every day to reclaim, rebuild, and renew their health and quality of life. 

Although we provide a thoughtful path, only you can provide the necessary commitment to follow it. This takes work. There are no shortcuts. Is it worth it? Just ask our Members.

Thank you for choosing XY Wellness. It is truly our pleasure to work with you.

*Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.