An Update on Immunotherapy Drugs

In 2012 there was some understandable excitement about a new class of “immunotherapy” drugs being developed to fight cancer. These drugs work by breaking down a tumors’ defenses against the body’s immune system. The FDA just approved the first one, which Merck will market as Keytruda.

This is an important milestone. Harnessing the immune system’s potential to fight cancer cells has long been the subject of research, and is why we recommend a complementary, integrated lifestyle regimen designed to support effective and healthy immune system function. *

We hope that this new class of immunotherapy drugs delivers tremendous benefits to cancer patients. We also encourage all cancer patients to complement whatever cancer treatment regimen that they pursue with healthy lifestyle choices to further improve their ability to fight their disease. * 

A great medical team, the right course of treatment and a lifestyle built atop smart choices on diet, exercise, nutritional support, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and so on all contribute to improved quality of life and outcomes. It takes work, but what could be more worthwhile? *

The medical industry is making great progress in the fight against cancer. Let’s celebrate this development in immunotherapy, along with those in radiation, HIFU, surgery and others. Let’s take full advantage of every available tool. And then let’s make some smart lifestyle choices today. 

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