Additions to Our Practitioner Program

The word is getting out, and it is because of you.

Every month we receive notes from our Members telling us of their success with our integrative approach and condition-specific supplements. These success stories are why Dr. Geo and I created XY Wellness; it is what drives us. 

Although our program is designed to help you rebuild, reclaim, and renew your post-diagnosis life, as you well know, you need to be willing and able to do the work that is necessary. We are in this together, but the results we achieve, you have earned.

Our continued, remarkable growth in Membership is entirely due to your "word of mouth" referrals. Thank you for that! And thank you for not only telling other men about us, but for letting your health care practitioners in on it too.

Recently, a number of well known and respected urologists, anti-aging specialists, and other health care practitioners have connected with Dr. Geo to learn how they can even better serve their patients by tapping into our family of regimens, products, educational materials, and lifestyle recommendations. We clearly share the same goals.

Today, we would like to acknowledge our most recent additions to the XY Wellness Practitioner Program:


We are honored to work with them, and are looking forward to achieving great results together.

As always, thank you for choosing XY Wellness. It is always great to hear from you, so drop us a note to let us know how you are doing.