A Message from Dr. Geo

The change of seasons is well underway. We naturally accomodate every new season by adjusting our activities, routines, wardrobe, and even diet. It is our natural cycle.

As argued during the last change of season (see Outsmarting Dumb, but Persistent), every day is an opportunity for us to create a truly hostile environment for prostate cancer, to become even more of an inhospitable host. Our goal is to boost our body's innate ability to generate healthy cells and to suppress further generation of aberrant cells. I cannot over-emphasize this point. 

As you may well know by now, our XY Wellness Approach is both integrative and synergistic. Medical expertise, diet, exercise, smart supplementation, stress reduction, and sleep improvement all equally matter in our effort to improve both prognosis and quality of life. 

With this in mind, please try to adhere to each element of the program, including your prescribed supplementation regimen. If you would like to revisit your regimen to verify that it remains tuned to your current needs, please make an appointment to do this with either your referring healthcare practitioner or with me if you are one of my patients at The Integrative Urology Center at NYU Langone.

If you already have a supplementation regimen in place that is meeting your needs, then stick with it. Prostate cancer can be outsmarted, but it requires our daily commitment to giving our body what it needs to be successful in this fight. 

Seasons may change, but so what? Our daily resolve remains the same.

I hope that you are enjoying Autumn as much I am here in New York. As always, it is my pleasure to work with you to rebuild, reclaim, and renew your health. We are in this together. Let me know how I can help.

To Your Good Health,

Geovanni Espinosa, ND (Medical Director)