XY Wellness Diet Overview

This installment of the XY Wellness Diet series is an overview of its core principles. By the end of this series, you will be able to transform your diet into a powerful weapon against cancer while experiencing the joy of preparing and eating real food.

Let's start by understanding the difference between supplement and complement as it pertains to diet:


Scientific research has identified a number of natural compounds that are efficacious in the treatment of cancer. Unfortunately, there is frequently no practical or realistic way to ingest the recommended, therapeutic daily dosage through diet alone.

For example, studies indicate that a compound found in red wine called resveratrol has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-diabetic benefits.* The recommended dosage of 100mg per day can be achieved by simply drinking ~125 glasses of red wine per day. Personally, I am going to go with the high-quality dietary supplement alternative.

All XY Wellness dietary supplements are formulated to deliver necessary, condition-specific compounds in quantities that diet alone cannot.* This diet will provide a great foundation to build upon, but build upon it we must.


Smart lifestyle choices contribute not just to our quality of life, but also to our ability to combat disease. Our choices on diet, exercise, stress management, sleep quality, and supplementation all complement each other. Good choices and habits have a synergistic positive effect, just as poor choices and habits have a synergistic negative effect.

If you are willing to establish the right habits, you are putting yourself into the best possible position to improve your prognosis and quality of life. Diet and dietary supplements are foundational, so think of smart, additional lifestyle choices as dietary complements.

Now, two final comments before the overview of the core principles of this diet:

This is not a deprivation diet!

It is just the opposite. You are about to discover a new way of eating in which you will enjoy real food and fine cuisine like never before. We will provide you with knowledge of the science underlying the recommended foods, plus we will provide you with knowhow on the selection and preparation of these foods. Your loved ones will happily be joining you for meals; make them do the dishes.

No one is expecting perfection! 

We are on this journey together at XY Wellness. We don’t have to do everything perfectly at all times. Life doesn’t work that way. Yes, we want to minimize poor choices to give ourselves the best odds of improving our prognosis and quality of life. No, we do not want to set unrealistic expectations nor to suggest militance at the expense of living. So lighten up, do your best, and enjoy the journey.

That said, here are the core principles of the XY Wellness Diet:

  1. Cancer-fighting: is abundant in phytonutrients that actively inhibit cancer growth.
  2. Anti-inflammatory: minimizes gluten, dairy, and other inflammatory triggers.
  3. Immune system boosting: is rich in antioxidants and immune system enhancers.
  4. Low-glycemic: is free of granulated sugar or low in refined flour.
  5. Pesticide-free: is organic when necessary, yet "conventional" when appropriate.
  6. Delicious: is fresh, local, top quality, vibrant, enzyme-rich, clean cuisine.
  7. Doable: for some it may involve a bit of learning, but nothing that you cannot easily master.

Future installments in this series will dive into the details of each of the above, and will provide recipes, recommendations, shopping lists, and tips for when dining out. In return, we want to hear your insights and tips, plus learn of your culinary creations that incorporate the recommended foods.

In closing, we are in complete control of what we put into our own bodies. Isn't it time to use this power wisely? 

*Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.